World Map of Food Delivery

Tell me what food you order and I will tell you who you are… or at least where you live!

The insurance comparator MoneyBeach has analyzed which are the words associated with the most searched for food at home on Google and, by comparing the results of each country, has obtained a curious mapping of what our tastes are when asking for food to be brought to us.

We cannot say that pizza has been a surprise because it is the most popular option in 44 of the 105 countries analyzed. Basically, almost all the members of the EU and the countries of the southern Mediterranean, as well as Argentina, Peru, India, Madagascar or Saudi Arabia.

Number 2 in the ranking of home delivery cravings is Chinese food, which leads preferences in 29 countries, including the USA, Australia, Chile, Colombia and, of course, China, which —as is the case with pizza in Italy or sushi in Japan—a ‘1’ is scored in the delivery pool.

In third place in the world appears sushi, which is number 1 in 10 countries and, reigning in Sweden, Ukraine, Romania or Portugal, it is the only dish that overshadows pizza in Europe.

But there are also countries that have provided great dishes and that, however, are not prophets in their land. Mexican food is not the favorite in Mexico, but it is in Myanmar, where burritos are all the rage. Fish & chips is not a leader in the UK either; nor Korean food in South Korea (there is no data from North Korea, as is often the case); nor the kebab in Turkey; nor Indian food in India…

Tapas is also the favourite food delivery option in one country in the world: Denmark. But the reason escapes us and the detail of what exactly the Danes think when they ask for ham croquettes, patatas bravas, Galician octopus?

To create the world map of food delivery, MoneyBeach searched and compared Google results related to words such as takeaway, delivery or takeout (in different languages).

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