Spicy Oven Chicken Wings

Spicy Oven Chicken Wings

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Spicy Oven Chicken Wings is a recipe that I made for lovers of hot food. It is a simple dish to make and apart from the 5 minutes that will take you to make the spicy sauce, the oven will do the rest! If you don´t have a container to leave the wings overnight to marinate then you can also use sealable bags which are available in any supermarket. You can also leave them inside a cooking pot but this way you will have to mix in the hot sauce with your hands, just make sure that you wash them well afterwards!

INGREDIENTS: (for 2 people)

8 Chicken wings

2 Garlic cloves

1 Tbsp chicken seasoning

1 Tsp Chilli powder

1 Tsp Hot paprika

1 Tsp Dried parsley

1 Tsp Salt

5cl Olive oil




1: Grab a container with a lid and put the chicken wings inside it.

2: Finely chop the garlic.

3: Grab a large cup and add all of the above ingredients into it. Mix up really well. Pour over the chicken wings, close the container and shake well. Leave in the fridge overnight.

4: Turn on the oven to 220c. Place the chicken wings in an oven dish and put in the middle of the oven. Leave to cook for around 90 minutes or until the wings are cooked to your own liking.

5: Enjoy…

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