Spanish Migas With Quail Eggs

How to make Spanish Migas With Quail Eggs.

Migas translated is ´crumbs`in English and this is exactly what this dish is, among other ingredients. It may seem scary, the thought of making a meal from bread, but it really is a scrumptious dish. In Spain we eat a lot of fresh bread from the bakers, of course the next day if they is any left it is hard, and one may normally, toss it into the bin. But this stale bread makes great ‘crumbs’ for this recipe.
It was a dish first cooked by Spanish chefs of the artistocrats, and later adopted by shepherds as not to waste stale bread. They in turn shared the recipe to other areas throughout Spain, while looking for water and pastures for their flock. And it became a famous and popular meal, as it is nowadays.
With a few ingredients you can make this wonderful rich Spanish tapas or dinner dish. It is super easy, and super delicious.
This dish uses quail eggs, which are much smaller than chicken eggs, because it is a tapas dish. But you can of course use chicken eggs if you prefer. It is a very filling dish so you do not need a huge plate of migas, serving on smaller plates is perfect.

You need to prepare the bread crumbs a few hours before.

Ingredients: For 4 People.
3 Fresh Chorizo Sausages or 1 Chorizo Ring. ( I prefer using fresh chorizo, the juices flowing make the dish tastier).
1 Small Packet of Bacon Lardons.
3 Garlic Gloves, crushed.
1 Teaspoon of Sweet Paprika.
1/2 Teaspoon of Smoked Paprika.
4 Quails Eggs.
7 Slices of Stale White Bread or a Large Baquette.
Olive Oil.
Salt and Pepper.

First you need to prepare the breadcrumbs.
Grate the stale bread into breadcrumbs into a large bowl, this is quite a long boring task, so I normally stick a fav programme on while doing it.
Now, carefully add some water, you want the breadcrumbs moist not soaking and sticking together. I normally add little by little, until they are slightly damp.
Now leave them for 3-4 hours.
Slice the chorizo into small pieces.
When you are ready to cook, add 4 tablespoons of olive oil to a frying pan.
Start by gently frying the chorizo and bacon lardons until cooked. Bearing in mind a cooked chorizo ring will just need to be heated through.
The oil should be turning a nice reddy orange colour now.
Next add the garlic and soften.
Add the paprikas, and season with salt and pepper.
Scoop, without removing the oil, the chorizo mix out of the frying pan onto a plate and set aside.
Add another tablespoon of oil to the pan and stir.
Now placethe breadcrumbs into the oil, and frying gently for a few minutes until they are fully coated in the oil.
Add the chorizo mixture to the pan and stir througly to combine all the ingredients.
Turn of the heat.
In another frying pan, heat some olive oil.
Then fry the quails eggs.
Distribute the breadcrumb mix between 4 serving dishes.
Finally position an egg on top of each migas plate.
Serve immediately.

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