Oreo Cheesecake Truffles

How to make Oreo Cheesecake Truffles.

Ingredients: Makes 24

  • 36 Oreo Cookies
  • 8 oz full fat cream cheese
  • 8 oz white chocolate candy melts
  • 1/2 cup Oreos crushed


  1. Line a cookie tray with parchment paper or wax paper.
  2. Place the Oreos (wafers and filling) in a food processor and blitz until they’re fine crumbs.
  3. Using a stand or handheld mixer, beat together the cookie crumbs and cream cheese until there’s no lumps of cream cheese.
  4. Form the mixture into round balls a little smaller than a golf ball.
  5. Place on the lined cookie sheet and freeze until firm (about 20-30 minutes).
  6. Melt the chocolate candy melts according to package instructions.
  7. Using a fork or candy dipping tool, dip each ball in the melted chocolate and place back on the baking tray.
  8. You want the truffles to stay cold and firm as you do this.
  9. Optionally, melt the white chocolate candy melts.
  10. Then drizzle the melted chocolate over the top of each truffle.
  11. Place the truffles in the fridge to harden for 1 hour.
  12. You can store the truffles in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 7 days.
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