Mushrooms & Artichokes Timbal with Poached Egg & Piquillo Sauce

How to make Mushrooms & Artichokes Timbal with Poached Egg & Piquillo Sauce.

Ingredients for 4 servings:

400 grs of mixed seasonal mushrooms

4 artichokes

4 eggs

3 piquillo peppers

2 garlic cloves

some cream

olive oil

salt and maldon salt


In a big sauce pan pour enough oil to sautee the mushrooms.

Once nearly done, add 1 minced garlic clove.

When fragant, reserve in a plate.

Use the same sauce pan and add a bit more of oil to fry the artichokes (cut in small pieces and without the greener and harder leaves).

When nearly done, add the mushrooms back and stir for 1 or 2 minutes.

Add some salt, taste and reserve in a plate trying to leave all the oil in the pan.

Separate some artichoke pieces to decorate the dish at the end.

Prepare the piquillos sauce:

Pour a bit of oil in a sauce pan and add a sliced garlic, when fragant, add the piquillos and cook at low heat for 4 minutes.

Turn them both sides.

Place inside a deep recipient and add a bit of cream to get a fine texture when blending it.

Add a little dash of olive oil and taste before you add some salt.

Prepare the dish:

Use a mold to place the mushrooms and artichoke mixture inside.

Paint the side of the dish with the piquillos sauce.

Put a pot with water on the stove, pour a dash of vinegar inside.

Bring to boil.

Crash the eggs and carefully pour them inside (one by one).

When done, place the poached eggs over the timbal and sprinkle with maldon salt.

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