San Miguel

La Venta Arroceria

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Name: La Venta Arroceria

Location: Bargas, Toledo

Today after our shopping trip we started driving around and after taking a wrong turn at a roundabout looking for somewhere to eat and I spotted this place in a village called Bargas, on the outskirts of Toledo. It´s called La Venta Arroceria so we decided to stop as it looked really nice as it had an outside terrace.
We sat down and immediately a lovely waitress came and took our order, as I wasn´t driving, I got out of that one today by forgetting to bring my driving licence with me, I asked for a glass of San Miguel and the wife an orange Fanta.

San Miguel

Along it came and a really nice and posh looking tapa of russian salad. It was excellent and so was the beer, which was gladly appreciated after a morning of trolley pushing throughout the whole shopping centre for the missus in search of paint!

Russian Salad

I asked that we would like to eat the Menu Of The Day and we were told to enter the restaurant inside and take a seat which we did. We realised that the menu of the day here wasn´t like the typical one served elsewhere, it was sort of gourmet style, but not a problem with me.
Another lovely waitress came along and took our order. Mine was a bowl of tuna salad to start with and for second plate I ordered mackerel as I have never tried it before. The wife also ordered a salad for starters and some croquettes for seconds.
The salad was immediately served and we were both happy with it, nothing left on the bowls, not even the bread!

Tuna Salad

Then came along the mackerel which had a really nice presentation and tasted very good indeed, I could have done with some more potatoes though but all is good.


The wife had her croquettes served with some sliced potatoes on the side and scoffed the lot faster that you can blink so they must have been tasty!


For desert I had a flan with cream which was fine looking, cool and tasty, nothing compared to the last one I had in Aranjuez which was warm and sloppy!


I must say this, but this restaurant is one of the cleanest that I have ever been to and the staff were very polite and got the job done! The only drawback was that the menu of the day isn´t served in the terrace, that is only for a la carta, but hey, you cant win them all!
Pricewise, the menu which includes bread, drink and coffee is €8.95. Now that may sound alot for the amount of food served compared to other daily menus but this is a diferrent type of menu of the day, gourmet type so I really think it was a good deal, specially as the place was so clean and well attended.



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