How to Join the Free Weight Loss Charity Challenge

Would you like to lose weight for a good cause? Check out HealthyWage’s Pound for Pound FREE Charity Challenge, where we will donate one pound of food for every pound lost in the 12-week challenge! Learn more about how to join the free weight loss charity challenge HealthyWage is hosting and find out how you could win the $500 prize just for participating!

Join for Free!

Invite your friends, family, and even co-workers to join you as you each work towards your individual weight loss goals! All you have to do is sign up and start losing weight!

How Does It Work?

Sign up online or through our mobile app, available on iOS and Android. You will only need to submit two verified weights: once at the start of the challenge and once at the end to confirm your weight loss. Once the challenge has completed, HealthyWage will calculate the total valid pounds lost (must submit a verified starting and ending weight to be counted), and then donate one pound of food to those in need for every pound lost (up to $10,000 with one pound of food equating to $1.67). 

What Tools Do I Get?

By joining the Pound for Pound Free Charity Challenge, you get 24/7 access to our HealthyWage coach for free. You will receive healthy nutrition and fitness tips for weight loss, as well as chat with fellow participants in our community dashboard and cheer each other on! HealthyWage’s progress tracker is a participant favourite and keeps you updated on your weight loss stats. Along with being motivated to lose weight so we donate more food, HealthyWage’s social support is key to helping you achieve weight loss success!

Are There Any Prizes?

In addition to HealthyWage donating up to 6,000 pounds of food to a Food Bank (one pound of food for every pound lost), one lucky participant will be selected to win $500! Do you want to win $500 for participating in the challenge? After you sign up, go here to be entered into the drawing and find out more!

What’s the Catch?

No catch! Our HealthyWage weight loss and activity challenges have helped many achieve healthier lifestyles and fatter bank accounts. In 2019 alone, we paid out over $13M to winners (who lost over 785,000 pounds)! Consider this our gift to you as you embark on your health and wellness journey. This challenge is at zero cost to you, so have nothing to lose except the weight!

Now that you know how to join the free weight loss charity challenge hosted by HealthyWage with a $5,000 prize pot, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start getting paid to get healthy!

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