How long does gazpacho last in the fridge?

The refrigerator extends the life of food but it is not a magic wand!

There are no dishes more summery, refreshing and easy to make at home than a good gazpacho.

And although it is logical to make a lot of quantity so that it lasts more than a day, the question arises: How long does gazpacho last in the fridge?

If we refer to ready-made gazpacho, we must follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but once opened it is not good to spend more than 3-4 days in the fridge. Exactly the same in the case of homemade preparations.

What can we do to prepare this popular Spanish and Mediterranean dish?

To make it last a little longer, it is best to adjust the amount so as not to exceed three days, a little vinegar is good as it is a natural preservative. But if we do not like the taste of the vinegar, a few drops of lemon can have the same effect on conservation and without affecting the flavour of the dish too much.

Garlic, due to its anti-bacterial properties, makes micro-organisms take longer to proliferate, which is why our gazpacho will hold a little longer in the fridge. So if we intend to save the gazpacho, increasing the dose of garlic a little is a good solution.

What if we freeze it?

Well, there is no problem, we can freeze it. But there is a small downside, and that is that it will affect the texture a lot once thawed. In any case, if we make a very soft and fine-textured gazpacho, that is, we pass it through a very fine strainer, freezing it will affect the texture very little.

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