Fried Anchovies With Picadillo Sauce

How to make Fried Anchovies With Picadillo Sauce.

Ingredients: For 8 people.
500g/ 1lb Of Fresh Small Anchovies.
1 Red Pepper.
1 Small Onion.
2 Tomatoes.
100g/ 3.5oz of Flour.
2 Tablespoons of Virgin Olive Oil.
1 Tablespoon of Sherry Vinegar.
Salt and Pepper.
Olive Oil for frying.

Wash the anchovies well until water runs clear.
Then place on some kitchen papaer to remove excess water.
Next wash the pepper and tomatoes, and peel the onion.
Lightly oil and baking tray.
Place the onion, pepper and tomatoes on the tray, sprinkle with olive oil and place in a medium heated oven.
Bake until they are softened about 20 mins.
Remove then leave to coll for a few minutes.
Peel the skin from the pepper and tomatoes.
Then chop the pepper, tomatoes and onion into small pieces.
Blend together using a blender.
Add the vinegar and a pinch of salt.
Mix well.
Then place in a serving dish, and set aside.
Place the flour on a plate, season with salt and pepper.
Heat plenty of olive oil in a frying pan. You need enough to cover all of the anchovies.
Now dip the anchovies into the flour, covering well.
Next place them into the hot oil, until golden brown.
Remove when cooked and place on kitchen paper to drain excess oil.
Place on a serving dish with the bowl of picadillo sauce.

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