Faster Meals

Faster Meals

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Name: Faster Meals

Location: Olias del Rey, Toledo

Today we went out for lunch and we were very disappointed with the service and food.

The waitress had a moody face all the time, I asked her to bring us the salad as a starter for both of us but got everything in one go, hence the main course was cold, apart from cold, the chips had been fried atleast twice and for a chip lover like me, leaving them on the plate is very rare but these were disgusting and sour tasting.

Both my meat and my wives were also a disappointment, no taste at all and lacked salt. And to top it all off, when we walked towards the car I noticed on my wifes pants, brown stains on her leg and bum… Bloody chocolate stains from the restaurant seat! Well…thats all for now… deffo wont be going back there again👎

1st course: Cántabra salad.

My 2nd course: Roasted ham with tasteless sauce and chips.

Her 2nd course: Fresh? pork loin with bacon and cheese and chips.

Total price: €24.80



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