Cod Fish Rice

How to make Cod Fish Rice.

Ingredients for 4 servings:

400 grs of Bomba rice

400 grs of desalted cod fish

3 artichokes for the rice paella and 8 more for the stuffing

4 piquillo peppers

1 onion

2 garlic cloves

some fresh parsley

3 tablespoons of canned fried tomatoe

olive oil and salt.


Start the sofrito in a big pan (a paella is perfect. Like the one in the picture). Pour a bit of olive oil and throw the onion in (previously peeled and cut in small dices). Stir and let it get transparent.

Meanwhile, take 3 artichokes and discard the greener leaves. Put them inside a bowl with water and some lemon drops. Strain, dry and cut the tips of the leaves and slice in half centimeter portions. Throw into the pan and stir with the onion.

When the artichoke starts to get some colour, add the garlic clove (peeled and cut in small pieces). When it’s fragant, add the piquillo peppers cut in strips. Stir some more at low/medium heat.

This time I bought my desalted codfish frozen. I previously defrozed it.
Prepare a big pot and pour 900 grs of water inside, when it boils, add the codfish, and when it boils again turn heat off and take away from the heat. Don’t throw the water away. Take the codfish out of the pot and with your fingers separate the slices of the fish. Reserve.

Going back to the paella pan, add the tomatoe and stir until the sofrito is finished.

Have the cod water boiling so that when throwing the rice in the paella we can immediately use it.

So, throw the rice in and stir with a wooden spoon, let it cook for 1 minute aprox. Pour nearly all the cod water in, stir and let cook strong the first 5 minutes, then cook at low/medium heat for 10 minutes, add the codfish and stir some more. Taste and add salt if necessary. After that when there’s nearly no water, smash the other garlic in a mortar and smash the parsley too, add some oil and salt and pour over the rice. Cover with a lid and keep away from the heat. Leave the rice covered for another 5 minutes.

If during the process you need more water because it gets too dry, add some more.

For the stuffed Artichokes:

Clean the rest of artichokes and put inside a pot. Half cover with water and pour some salt and extra virgin olive oil in each one. Cover the pot and let it boil at medium heat until the water dissapears. Then, let them cool down, take the center leaves apart and stuff with the rice. Pour some drops of extra virgin olive oil on top.

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