Cerveceria Dallas

Cerveceria Dallas

Name: Cerveceria Dallas

Location: Aranjuez, Madrid

The place we went to eat today belonged to a mutual friend of ours a few years ago, now he doesn´t own it anymore. We went there because the food and service was always excellent. When we went today for lunch we were quite shocked to see how much downhill it has gone. Here we go… We arrived and sat on the terrace, my wife ordered a San Miguel beer without alcohol and me a freshly squeezed orange juice. The beer came and a tapa of some sort came, my orange juice came 10 minutes later, I think they went to pick oranges from the tree nearby. I asked for an ashtray and was bought one that was half full of fag ends! Nice! I told the waiter that we were going to eat and he said OK and was gone for a good 15 minutes. When he came I ordered for me iberian ham and peas and wifey ordered paella. My first course was quite bland, hardly any ham at all and not properly cut, they should really cut it in cubes but this was ripped apart in bits and as thin as tracing paper! My wifes dish wasn´t paella, some people call anything with rice paella nowadays, it was just rice, wait for it,…with 1 clam, 1 ring of calamar, 1 tiny mussel and a piece of chicken so small that I would be able to stuff it inside my phones earplug jack!

For second plate we ordered both the same, churrasco and chips as I often cook it at home and we both love it. The churrasco and chips arrived and I was already eyeing up the Mac Donalds next door! One small piece of churrasco thinner than a catwalk model and the chips, reheated oven chips, I think I was able to count 9 in total and half of them were less than 5 cm long! The churrasco tasted ok, the chips not. I was disappointed that they didn´t even present the dish with some lettuce atleast, that was a first for me! We didn´t even bother with dessert! The price paid was €19 for 2 menus of the day, only to realise that it should have been €17 as they advertise the menu of the day for €8.50 including a drink but I didn´t bother going back as it would have cost me more in petrol as my car tends to be a heavy drinker and the petrol has just gone up again yesterday!

The good thing of the day is that my wife bought me a new laptop & printer 😃😁😄😘👍



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